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Environmental Planning and Strategic Environmental Assessment

Environmental planning involves conducting research, planning activities, design and preparation of development plans with environmental related programmes/projects, prepare policies, perform monitoring and evaluation of plan implementation and conduct Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Auditing of Development Projects. We apply knowledge and skills in a wide range and unpredictable variety of contexts in Environmental Planning and Management with substantial personal responsibility and responsibility for the allocation of resources at various spatial levels.

Charles and Barker Limited has a wealth of experience in executing Projects of this nature and has delivered environmental planning milestones in solid waste management, roads and other transaction advisories.

Environmental Impact Assessments

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is the process of assessing the likely environmental impacts of a proposal and identifying options to minimise environmental damage. The main purpose of EIA is to inform decision makers of the likely impacts of a proposal before a decision is made. EIA provides an opportunity to identify key issues and stakeholders early in the life of a proposal so that potentially adverse impacts can be addressed before final approval decisions are made. EIA allows an environmental ‘veto’ on development proposals without which environmental considerations may be set aside in favour of other considerations including economic and other benefits of going ahead.

Charles and Barker Limited has delivered numerous Environmental Impact Assessment in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Somalia, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Environmental Audits

Environmental audit involves the collection, collation, analysis, interpretation, and presentation of information which is used to:

  • Assess performance against a set of requirements or targets, related to specific issues;
  • Evaluate compliance with environmental legislation and corporate policies; and
  • Measure performance against the requirements of an environmental management system standard.

The systematic, periodic, documented and objective aspects of environmental auditing are fundamental to effectiveness. It is fast developing as an important and powerful tool in the corporate environmental assessment and management toolkit. The requirement to periodically repeat audits ensures that there is an ongoing commitment and a systematic process to improve environmental performance. The scope of repeat audits can also broaden to become more comprehensive as experience and expertise are accrued or as new issues or legislation emerge.

Environmental Monitoring & Remediation

It is important to “makes sure our aging infrastructure, building stock, and vacant land are safe and clean for future greener development by testing and cleaning contaminated land, water, and air,” (Cha and Dafoe) .21 Charles and Barker Limited has a working knowledge of both National and Local regulatory requirements with regard to site remediation and site clean-up completion. Once the remedial alternative(s) for a site have been identified and evaluated, and the preferred alternative(s) selected, the process of preparing the remedial design is initiated and implemented in liaison with the Clients and responsible Authorities.

SOIL and GROUNDWATER Investigations

Charles and Barker Limited provides full-scope services for sub-surface investigations, including: Drilling soil borings and installation of groundwater monitoring wells, collection of soil and or groundwater samples as well as soil gas profiling using state of-the-art GeoProbe® technology. Upon completion of the fieldwork, the company provides complete geological reports, including detailed geological and hydrogeological  descriptions of the site.
The Company can address multiple projects simultaneously, and can mobilise four independent and fully equipped GeoProbe® teams, and three soil boring and Monitoring Well installation teams.

Hazardous Materials Management

Charles and Barker Limited has extensive experience with all aspects of hazardous material (HM) management services given the focus on in-situ site remediation. We possess equipment for treatment and disposal of HM on and off the site and where the problems are of huge proportions, we liaise with contractors for the final handling. Our staff is thoroughly familiar with the requirements of local and national legislation which regulate the storage, handling, use, disposal and reporting requirements of HMs

Environmental Expert Witnessing and Compliance Advisory

Element’s expert witness services provide testimony to legal firms, insurance companies, and other entities that require materials expertise or proof of concept in court. Our depth of knowledge and experience allows us to provide expert witness consulting to a large variety of industries, including aerospace, product manufacturing, biomedical and medical devices, automotive, oil and gas, construction and more.

Natural Resource Management

The knowledge of what’s on the ground, what condition it is in, and characterizing natural and man-made change to the landscape are fundamental for effective management of natural resources including:

  • Wildlife and habitat
  • Agriculture/forestry operations
  • Renewable and traditionally sourced energy
  • Surface and subsurface land and resource ownership
  • Critical water resources

We are utilising our skills and knowledge to provide advisory services and ensure communities, governments and regional blocks achieve economic and environmental impacts such as:

  • Speeding planning and permitting processes
  • Documenting resource ownership and use to prevent future conflicts or over allocation
  • Providing a higher level understanding of natural resource dynamics and more effective conservation programs
  • Improving the forest, agricultural and other landscape health
  • Protect our fragile water towers and training of users on best practices for conservation
  • Payment for Environmental Services
  • Application for grants and related funding for sustainable utilisation and conservation Programs.

Social Safeguards and Management Services

Social safeguard are essential tools used in modern day infrastructure development programs and projects to prevent and mitigate undue harm to people and their environment. The safeguards help assess the possible environmental and social risks and the impacts (positive or negative) associated with a development intervention.  Charles and Barker Limited offers advisory services in the following areas: Monitoring and Evaluation, Resettlement Action Plans, Social Impact Assessment, Social Screening, Stakeholder Engagement and Consultations, Gender Analysis, Behavioural Change and capacity building.


Petroleum Industry Environmental Services

Charles and Barker Limited recognises the ever-changing landscape of the petroleum sector. Corporations face the continued challenge of reducing environmental liabilities with limited funding in order to meet regulatory standards throughout the country.
Charles and Barker Limited offers a complete environmental service portfolio for investigations and compliance review for retail station, depot, refinery and oil pipeline operations. The services include assessment and remediation for both small and major Petroleum companies.

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